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4x Plant Based Filet Mignon

Tender Plant-Based Steaks

The Juicy Marbles' filet mignon is by far the most tender piece of plant meat you can get. The marbling is lush and evenly distributed, ensuring a bold, rich flavor experience with deep aromas. The crust develops quickly, letting the center stay velvety and supple.

⚖️   Weight (per steak): 113 g 
Quantity (per pack): 4 filet mignons
🚢   Shipping: 15€ (ships within the next 2-3 weeks)

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  • Ingredients

    Water, soy protein concentrate, wheat protein isolate, sunflower oil, natural flavors, beetroot powder, kappa carrageenan, methylcellulose, salt, yeast extract, iron, vitamin B12.


  • Nutritional value

    Per 100 g: energy 713 kJ/171 kcal; fats 6,3 g, of which saturated 0.8 g; carbohydrates 1,8 g, of which sugars 1,7 g; dietary fiber 7,2 g, protein 23 g; salt 1,25 g, iron 20mg, Vitamin B12 10 μg